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About the Junk Drawer

Meet Lindsey, the creator behind The Junk Drawer

Lindsey is the owner, and creator of anything wild, crazy or downright offensive. Lindsey, a long-time local of the Black Hills, opened the doors of The Junk Drawer in 2014, as a single mom of 2, in hopes it would generate enough income for a struggling family of 3 to live on. At that time, she specialized in custom, refinished and repurposed furniture and art. She kept a close eye on trends, and quickly realized that refinishing furniture into the wee hours of the night, weekends, and holidays wasn’t going to work forever! In the 450 sq. ft store, she realized she needed more space. Moving onto beautiful Main Street in 2015, opened up many doors for her and her wild mind! Some days, you would find a kid, or two running around, or sleeping in the bathtub couch. That’s just what we had to do! Slowly redefining her career of refinishing furniture and vintage upcycled art, and moving to custom apparel (thanks to a badass artist for opening this door!) and following trends of the time. She quickly learned that she loved hearing people giggle and laugh at some of her quirky things. Soooo…. Fast forward to today. There is no other store quite like The Junk Drawer, where we LIVE for funny. Funny gifts, funny tees, funny cards, and quite frankly, anything that might put a smile on someone’s face. Let’s face it, if you’re not laughing everyday, there’s something wrong! We’re all about the good vibe, and experience you have as soon as you walk in the door!

Inside you will find a lot of other “classy” gifts from some of the local artists. From handmade jewelry to paintings, hand poured candles, woodwork, cards, and pottery. We love the Black Hills, so you will also find custom printed Spearfish, Black Hills, and South Dakota apparel and goods. Seriously, we love what we do, love where we live and we think you should too!